What To Know If Your Dental Health Needs Immediate Help

emergency dental care

Individuals may end up with serious needs that might place their wellness, teeth, and comfort at risk. If an oral emergency affects you or a loved one, it is vital to discover how to best manage the problem and where to access the attention you need. At Bass River Dental, our staff of experts have given urgent dental care to a number of people throughout the years and have the knowledge needed in the event that the unaccounted for happens.

When you have a dental emergency, receiving the assistance and accessing the individualized attention you require is essential for your current oral condition. Our talented dental professionals in South Yarmouth, MA realize how tense an urgent problem, oral pain, or injuries could be. We are excited to give you the following valuable information on the most effective methods to protect your teeth when an accident appears.

Certain dental concerns might result in small troubles, including tooth discoloration or tartar accumulation, while other circumstances can truly put your total health in danger. Many of these issues include:

  • Cracked teeth
  • Worn or slack restorations
  • Inflamed teeth/gums
  • Lost dental crown or filling
  • Dental discomfort or a toothache
  • Mouth injury
  • Dislodged or extruded teeth
  • Questionable bleeding

Oral emergencies could come from common actions (like chewing hard foods), bodily impacts while being active, or during accidents. Severe dental health needs that result from these incidents may disrupt your happiness and health. However, visiting a qualified emergency dental professional who can meet your dental needs might make all the difference toward your recuperation and long-term oral health. Some of the urgent occurrences that need prompt care include:

  • Avulsed or extruded teeth: Dislodged or partially knocked-out teeth result in an urgent situation for which time is vital. Just a tiny window exists (often less than an hour) for our talented dental team to place the tooth into the gums and generate an optimal reimplantation. As soon as this occurs, we urge you to call our South Yarmouth, MA practice right away so that our professionals may assist you in the best way to care for the tooth before you arrive.
  • Tooth trauma from falls: In the event of a dental or dentofacial accident, it is usually recommended that you visit the ER or get with a medical doctor first to make certain your physical wellness is not in jeopardy. As soon as this is decided, our team at Bass River Dental can care for your problem, which often consists of cracked teeth or appliances and damage to the gumline or jawbone.
  • Oral discomfort: A frequently occurring condition that needs urgent care for South Yarmouth, MA patients is oral discomfort. This dental problem could form due to a wide range of causes, including severe cavities, an abscessed tooth, uncovered tooth root surfaces from periodontal regression, and even a misaligned bite, among a number of other problems. Tooth discomfort can vary from moderate to debilitating and must never be disregarded.


If an emergency tooth issue influences the wellness of your smile, we are here to ensure you receive assistance instantly. Even moderate discomfort may lead to severe concerns with your oral health if proper care from a skilled emergency dental professional is not received. To receive efficient care and discomfort relief when you experience a dental emergency, arrange a consultation at Bass River Dental. Our South Yarmouth, MA practitioners will instruct you over the phone on how to monitor broken teeth, avulsed fillings, or various other oral issues until you are able to arrive at our practice.

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