Ten Methods to Ward Off Enamel Erosion

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Being "in the know" is vital in the fight to keep tooth decay, gum disease, and various other issues at bay. Our team at Bass River Dental wants to teach South Yarmouth, MA patients about prevention. If these significant problems affect your dental wellness, they’re usually more difficult to treat, expensive, and time-consuming. Excellent oral hygiene is the main line of defense for making sure that your mouth remains in good condition. Our South Yarmouth, MA staff is thrilled to offer you a few effective tips to help keep your teeth clean, strong, and beautiful for the long term.

  • Use sugar-free gum. A lot of patients don't know that sugar-free gum might help defend against tooth decay. Gum-chewing promotes additional saliva production in the mouth, which is important because saliva is the main agent responsible for both counteracting and banishing the acid from foods we eat that might eventually erode your teeth’s outer layer, resulting in decay.
  • Flossing your teeth is essential. Brushing alone isn’t effective in making sure cavities are kept away. Flossing is a necessary step that several patients forget about. Flossing targets corners that brushes can’t get to and also helps to get rid of particles lodged between the teeth. This easy habit is excellent at helping to diminish the chances for decay.
  • Have fluoride treatments for protection. Most dentists suggest fluoride treatments for kids beginning at six years old until they’re out of their teen years. But when an adult is prone to developing tooth decay, a professional fluoride treatment might be very advantageous to their dental health. Our general dentists in South Yarmouth, MA provide fluoride treatments and might suggest a prescription fluoride-based mouthwash and toothpaste to use between appointments.
  • Consume tooth-healthy foods and liquids. The bacteria that lead to dental caries feed on the sugar contained in food and liquids. Sucrose substances make it easier for tooth decay to grow. It's crucial to be knowledgeable about what you are eating and drinking. When you eat or drink something that has a significant amount of sugar, it's encouraged to clean your teeth immediately.
  • Inform your children. Children love to replicate their parents' actions. Typically, parents are the primary ones who teach kids how to clean their teeth, which is why it’s critical to be a suitable example. Scheduling routine cleanings is another method to teach kids the significance of maintaining proper dental habits.
  • Brush each day. Although this could seem obvious, brushing your teeth two times daily with fluoridated toothpaste is a great approach to avoid tooth decay. You could try counting mentally as you scrub your teeth for no less than two minutes.
  • Visit your dentist every six months. Routine dental cleanings and assessments are crucial for not just cleaning your teeth but also assessing the condition of your teeth and gums. Your dental health is based on knowing what’s happening inside of your mouth. During your consultation, your teeth will be cleaned and polished. Following this, your dentist will conduct an in-depth assessment of your oral structures to look for any potential problems. The earlier the oral disorders are found, the quicker treatment can kick off.
  • Swish mouthwash. Mouthwash is important as an extra protection against tooth decay. Once you have brushed your teeth, it's recommended to use mouthwash to help further diminish harmful oral bacteria and plaque.
  • Be attentive. When you feel the indications of tooth decay, it’s vital to go to the dentist for an evaluation. Most often, the initial indication of tooth decay is persistent tooth tenderness. You could feel a stinging pain as soon as you eat or drink something varying in temperature. As tooth decay worsens, you may have headaches, painful chewing, dental yellowing, or holes.
  • Get dental sealants. Tooth sealants are a great choice when it comes to preventing cavities. Sealants are a pliant, plastic material that is put on the tops of the back teeth, or the molars and premolars. Dental sealants might help to reduce the individual's risk of dental caries in these areas since the crevices on your molars can entrap bad bacteria and cause the teeth to be more prone to tooth decay.

Find out about the proper method to clean your teeth

If you need to arrange regular professional cleanings and examinations for you and your loved ones, we urge you to call our comprehensive care dentistry office in South Yarmouth, MA for your appointment. These important and preventive sessions will help to keep tooth decay and various other complications from forming. As an extra perk, you’ll certainly revel in how clean your teeth look after your professional dental cleanings. Our highly skilled dentists and staff will make you feel comfortable and go over the treatment program in detail. Our team can't wait to see you at Bass River Dental.

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